There’s a better way to share music files with higher quality and value. 

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For years, the music industry has been selling mediocre quality digital tracks and albums as downloads to consumers. As a music lover, you undoubtedly care about the quality of the music you create, distribute or purchase. As a consumer, adding poor quality downloads from a variety of different sources to a valuable collection is a very poor choice. It is a path you will quickly regret taking if you plan to build a library of significant size. Stick around and we’ll explain why there’s a better choice for you.

musicIf you’re a musician, we know you work hard to ensure the quality of your art. If the music business is the basis for your livelihood, you should think long and hard about the quality and value of the files you create, produce, promote or distribute. There’s a newer and better paradigm for music delivery, and consumers are becoming more and more particular about the quality you deliver. We’re here to tell you just how easy it is to do it right.

Music is a creative art form. Don’t settle for make-believe copies of your music when you have better choices for your fans, your customers or your personal collection. To learn more about the options available to you and the reasons you should take them, click here.

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